Eye Tests

Eye Test @ Ailish O’Hanlon Opticians

Do you sometimes feel that the light is too poor for reading or that print is getting smaller? Are you over 40? The progressive deterioration in the ability of the lenses in our eyes to focus close up is directly related to our age. While symptoms such as fatigue while using computers or doing close work, headaches, eyestrain, inability to read small print, can seem to present suddenly, they have generally developed over a period of time.

The following is a general overview of what we do when we perform an eye exam:

  • A review of your family and personal health history
  • An examination of your eyes’ exterior and interior for signs of eye disease or general health problems, such as diabetes or hardening of the arteries, that may show up in the eyes, and, for adults, eye pressure to check for glaucoma;
  • Tests of your ability to see sharply and clearly at near and far distances;
  • Tests to determine the presence of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, depth perception problems and, in people over age 40, presbyopia (an age-related condition affecting reading vision);
  • A check of eye coordination and eye muscle function to be certain the eyes are working together as a team; and
  • A test of the ability to change focus easily from near to far and vice versa.
  • Visual Fields if necessary
  • Fundus Photography where we photograph the back of the eye when required.

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